I'm in the camp of enchanters, oh no!

Astrologers and diviners in stow 

Their chemicals and collections of gold

I'm out of place... I'm out of place


You're sippin' slow from your bottle of wine

You've got your wives, nobles and concubines

The pearly teeth of the lady in white

They're in the way... They're in the way


There on the wall with your future in reach

Knew it was coming but you just don't understand 

Your royal throne and your glory deplete 

You saw it coming but you just don't understand


A human hand by the wall, they told me

The king was pale and his knees were knocking

Wrote out a phrase on the plaster in ink

I'm not afraid of you... I'm not afraid


Held up a fist for your days are numbered

No patron saint when they came for you that night

Your bed was stained from the red of hunted

There at the wall in Babylon 


Pull me underwater

Take me down down deeper

Let me call you lover

When I get that feeling 

You're my new emotion

Cut my heart wide open

Filled it with the ocean

I am coming alive


You had me swept away

Caught in the current of a tidal wave

Blue skies may fade to gray

But I'll find a rhythm at the break of day 

Better yet I'll find out what makes me forget the fallout

Better yet I'll find out what makes me remember colors of your love


I'm a lion tamer

I'm a healthy eater 

I'm an avid dreamer

Calling on a savior

Can you be my new sight

Can you make me all right

See you dressed in all white

I am coming alive


I can't imagine colors I've never seen before

To think your eyes gleaming with ten thousand more

Reflections of your robe beat down upon my skin

It's the colors of your love


I had a dream last night

It troubled me inside

Tell me what it was and what it meant

Interpret it or die


I'll cut you up 

I'll bleed you dry

You're houses turned to rubble piles 

Cause I'm the king


Build for me an image

That reaches to the sky

And every time you hear the sounds

Of music you will bow


Or else I'll

Throw you in

To blazing flames

Burn up your future

Erase your name

I'll prove my power

To all who doubt

I'll show no mercy

I'll make you shout 

That I'm the king


Don't stop, give it up, go on take a bow

You selfish wretch get the knife now

Chip off the old shoulder gonna get what you deserve: classical murder


Break out the champaign it's a new day

Face down to the king in the same way

Recommend you think about following my rules, it's better that way


Am I the king...?


Boring me with their problems 

I'll knock em dead in the first place

Kinda wanna be honest

When people ask if I'm okay

But now I'm eating the dead grass

And now my robe has the end frayed 

I beat the ground like an animal

And people ask if I'm o-okay


I I I can tell you one 

Thing that I stumbled upon

Grace like fire I'm giving up



Shoulders back

Blades together

Chest held high

Free forever

Dominion is never ending

Kingdom come a new beginning 


I’m the one with the problems

Couldn’t admit in the first place

I kinda wanna be honest

When people ask if I’m okay

But when my sanity came back

The cloud was broken by sun ray

He took my name from the lost and found

And now I know that I’m o-okay


I won't give up the wrong thing

And I won't lift up the wrong name

Cause I can see its a long way

I'll carry on till the last days


In the heat of night we were taken from our homes

Jerusalem was burning, all our memories had been stoned

Fingers scabbed from crawling, bloody to the quick

Lead across the desert till the weaker ones grew sick


Let our stories live as we journey on

Let our stories live as we sing out our song


Tell our wives we love them

Tell our sons be strong

Tell our friends we'll miss them

Where we go we don't belong

Tell our fathers sorry 

Tell them we were wrong

We'll make our mothers proud

As we sing our captive song


Dizzy from the sunlight that cascaded on our heads

We were lead between the city walls our enemies had bred 

Up and down the streets where the beggar children wept

They told us not to fear for our lives would be well kept


We'll see the sun as we sing out our song

We'll journey onward


I'm an emotion

You can't hold on to

I'm a corrosion 

Turn you black and blue

Stained from a love song

I'll hold your hand

Crushing your fingers

I'm your biggest fan


I'm a convenience

Use excuses

Pain is a nuisance

Dwell on me instead

Just give it up


Fever, my friend

Will pull you aside

Don't take what it gives

Those chastising lies

Don't give it up so easily 

I won't give you up so easily


Can't go back to what you left